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They should totally create a fashion tumblr for Kurt.

They should totally create a fashion tumblr for Kurt.

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Glee Season 4 Costume Scoop - Interview with Elizabeth Martucci


Glee’s fourth season will not only have some brand new cast members to meet, but a brand new costume designer, too! We bid farewell to veteran costume designer (and downright legend) Lou Eyrich, and say hello to fresh face Elizabeth Martucci, a former assistant costume designer for Glee, who’s relishing the challenge that is dressing such a large but lovable ensemble of characters every day.

Fashion of Glee chatted with Elizabeth to get the lowdown on Glee’s fourth season  – which premieres September 13 – and the top new fashion it’s going to bring!

Season 4 is going to be vastly different from previous seasons, as it will be split between the lives of the kids in Glee, and Glee club alums. This is a means for big changes in all areas of the show; do you see the costuming of the characters going in new directions?
The Glee club kids are still figuring out where they would like to go in life, the alums are figuring out who they are. The beginning of post-high school life is a time of self discovery. As all of their story lines evolve, their costumes will reflect each of their personal journeys. This should be a very exciting season of getting back to the basics!

What stores have you been shopping at since receiving the Season 4 get-go?
We shop at all types of stores from thrift stores to Rodeo Drive. Each character has their own style that we try to stay true to. We have been loving Tatty Devine, P.S. Kaufman, Marc Jacobs, Diesel, Ryan Ryan, Helmut Lang, Alexander Wang, and Trina Turk.

An enormous part of Rachel’s character is the way she dresses; very preppy schoolgirl-chic. Now that she’s graduated high school and is growing up, how will her personal style mature?
Rachel’s style will inevitably shift as she begins to absorb her new surroundings and influences.

Kurt has the most outlandish style of the characters by far, mixing designer labels with vintage and high-street designers in wild ensembles. What designers do you see him wearing now that he’s got a gig in the Vogue offices?
Kurt’s style has always been fun. His look for Season 4 will become a little more refined as he begins to grow up. Vogue will be a fun place to showcase some fun designer things by Burberry, Walter Van Beirendonck, Dior, Costume National, etc.

There’s been some concern that Blaine might be outgrowing his preppy bow-ties-and-a-sweater-vest style! What can you say about Blaine’s wardrobe?
How we love our preppy Blaine! His style may shift a bit this season, but he won’t lose his roots.

We hear that early on this season, there will be another Britney Spears tribute episode?
Doing the Brittany songs unified the New Directions in the second season. They are trying to re-establish themselves after a large portion of their group graduated. So much of this season is about getting back to the basics.

We’ll soon be meeting some brand new characters, like Puck’s half-brother, Jacob, and new girl Marley. While all the older characters have established wardrobes, you’ve got the cool task of inventing these new characters’ personal styles, and how their personality is manifested in what they wear. Can you tell us a little about that?
For a character’s costume development, I delve into who they are, where they come from and what image they would be trying to project to their peers. It is fun to have some new characters to develop… it will be exciting to see where their stories take them this season!

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are part of the same collection and were, in the four stores i checked out today, put side by side

now i’m just saying

either one got it for the other when getting his own item

either they were shopping together and while one was checking out the items of the collection (probably Blaine, they’re all chinos and polo shirts) he held out the other and went “hey, isn’t it nice? for you, not for me.”


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It’s difficult to say without seeing Kurt’s outfit front on, but it looks like his key necklace may be from Tiffany & Co. (X)