I can't tell the stars from the downtown lights

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“Being different made me stronger and at the end of the day it’s what’s going to get me out of this cow town.”

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Tuesday Final Ratings for Glee


I forgot to post this earlier. Glee actually got a little bounce in the finals!  It finished with a 2.5 rating in 18-49 and 6.01 million people. Not great but in relation to what’s happening with everybody else, not too bad.  It’s off .2 from the Whitney episode.


Reactions to Rachel choking during her NYADA audition.



I love that Kurt Hummel’s first instinct will always be “Maybe I need to bedazzle some shit.”

I had two fittings and had no idea it would be a battle of the bulge.
Chris Colfer (addressing Kurt’s tight gold lamé pants from his NYADA audition) 

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Take a look behind the scenes of last night’s episode, “Choke”.

Not The Boy Next Door (Acapella)
Glee Cast
Washington Post’s performance reviews

“Not the Boy Next Door” — Kurt

Forget “Phantom,” and throw on your gold lame pants, Kurt Hummel! That’s precisely what he did, making an 11th-hour audition switch — one that somehow still allowed him to wear the appropriate tear-away costume and bring on a trio of New Direction ladies as back-up singers — to sing this Hugh Jackman song from “The Boy From Oz.”

He was fabulous, winning over Tibideaux and proving that Hummel knows how to shake those hips when he has to. Grade: A.


I completely heart funny Blaine and would like to see more of him. Remind me again why Ryan Murphy decided not to spin off Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine going to New York together? It would be like Friends meets That Girl meets some show no one has ever even dreamed up that is also very gay. And I am sure I would like it more than I’m liking Glee tonight.

After Elton’s 3x18 recap (X)